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16.01.14 | OMI is now an ISO 20252 & ISO 26362 Certified Company

Online Market Intelligence (OMI), a Moscow, Russia-based online access panel provider, was awarded the ISO 20252 (Market, Opinion and Social Research) and the ISO 26362 (Access Panels in Market, Opinion and Social Research) standards certification by the CASRO Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ). The OMI is now the only ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 panel provider in Russia.

  • ISO 20252 establishes globally recognized terms, definitions, and service requirements for project management in research organizations.
  • ISO 26362 specifies the terms and definitions, as well as the service requirements, for organizations and professionals who own and/or use access panels for market, opinion and social research. It develops the criteria against which access panel providers can be evaluated and against which the quality of access panels can be assessed.

Such certification makes our clients confident that the job is done with the required quality standards.

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CIRQ (The CASRO Institute for Research Quality) is formed by CASRO to provide assessment and certification services to research firms seeking certification to ISO 20252 and/or ISO 26362. CIRQ, a non-profit entity, is committed to providing timely, thorough, and impartial assessments of its customers' quality management systems in order to make a determination regarding certification to ISO 20252 and/or 26362. All CIRQ auditors have extensive experience in the research industry. CIRQ has been established in compliance with all ISO requirements for certification bodies that provide auditing and certification services for ISO 20252 and 26362. In order to conform to its mandate of objective and impartial audits to these ISO standards, CIRQ is independently operated and managed under the oversight of an Advisory Board and submits to an annual audit to ISO/IEC 17065 Standard for Conformity assessment Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services by external authorities on ISO certification bodies.

OMI (Online Market Intelligence) is a company with offices in Russia and Finland providing integrated solutions for online market research used by research organizations, advertising agencies, and marketing departments of Fortune 500 companies. OMI is the only research company in Russia that holds the Gold Certificate for quality and consistency awarded by the U.S. - based online panel auditor Mktg, Inc. Since 2007 the company provides online survey programming, data collection through proprietary online panels of Consumers, Vehicle Owners, IT Professionals, Physicians, and Patients in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Baltic states and real-time data visualization. OMI also provides an opportunity for mobile research and has mobile panel in Russia.

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