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Medical panel

In June 2010, OMI officially introduced the first in Russia Online Panel of physicians and medical professionals for conducting marketing research “MedMnenie” (MedOpinion in Russian)

We strictly follow the ESOMAR standards in the area of Internet research and constantly care for the quality of our panels. Here you can download the file with OMI answers to ‘ESOMAR’s 28 questions to help research buyers of online samples’.


  • The panel is being recruited from specialized medical sites. Databases of physicians owned by OMI partners (for example organizers of specify conference, medical associations and communities).

  • Before Medical professionals take a part in surveys, they need to pass verification by sending a diploma or answering questions by phone. Participant will not receive invitations to the surveys until he passes the verification.

  • The medical professionals participating in panel are motivated not only by financial rewards, but also by opportunities for professional growth. They are offered subscription to specialized medical publications and participation in conferences all over the world.